Best Marketing Posts from Around the Web – November 22, 2019

Each week we share the top news and informative articles on all things marketing from around the web. Things we find useful, intriguing, and sometimes scary from the best minds and companies in the industry.

S-E-Oh not more changes!

Google likes to keep us on our toes. Over the past few months they've released some changes that will carry through in 2020 and impact how we position blogs and websites for SEO. MarTech highlighted the biggest 2020 SEO trends that will influence your work in this article.


Get Compliant with new CCPA Rules

California is enacting new CCPA rules that will impact marketers. Google is doing its part by integrating new features to ensure compliance in its Google ads. Read more about Google Ads new restricted data processing capabilities.


Successful Content Marketing

Content marketing is a core component of all marketing efforts, but many companies still struggle with knowing what works and what doesn't. I-scoop broke it down this week in their post "Content marketing success and failure: determine factors."


Evolution of Marketing

Over the past twenty years, marketing's role in the firm and marketplace have changed dramatically. 2020 will hold even more changes for Marketers whose roles now extend to developing company culture and customer experience. Marketing Insider breaks it down for us in there post on "The Changing Role of Marketing in 2020." 


Content Creation Checklist -- Yes please!

Marketers love checklists, and this one from the Content Marketing Institute, which has been updated, continues to be a go-to resource for content creators. Get the content creation checklist and the infographic here.


Meth, We're on It - Not a Typo!

South Dakota made national news with its latest PSA campaign to address the growing meth problem they are facing. The core tagline, "Meth, We're on it," led many to think it was a mistake (grammar police, anyone?). But state officials say no, it's not an error. They intended to cause a stir and get people talking about it. People definitely are talking about it.


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