Guidelines for Developing Attention Grabbing Headlines

Guidelines for Developing Attention Grabbing Headlines

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the concept of AIDA, which is grabbing a customer’s attention, building interest, creating a strong desire for your product or service, and then closing with a call to action. Today we want to dive deeper into the first step—grabbing your target customer’s attention.

Developing attention grabbing headlines is one of the crucial first steps in creating any advertisement, collateral, or marketing campaign. It is an art form, one that gets easier with time, and is guided by some core principles.

Guidelines for Developing Attention Grabbing Headlines

  1. Keep it short and simple: the headline is not the message itself, just the eye grabber inviting the reader into the message. It should be short, simple, and a single sentence or less.
  2. Keep it relevant: Your headline should tie into your content. Nothing is worse than a great headline that has nothing to do with the content. It is misleading and creates distrust in the customer, who will likely turn off to your message completely.
  3. Be direct: Your headline should get to the point immediately. No meandering around the bush.
  4. Be bold: Your headline needs to make people stop in their tracks and pull them into your message. Startling statistics, a challenging statement, or a witty phrase all grab a customer’s attention and beg them to read more.

As you go through your day, look at what advertising has gotten your attention and make note of it. Start compiling samples that speak to you so you can analyze the headline. Ask yourself, what about this headline made me stop and take note? Can I recreate this in my own marketing? Over time you will see a pattern and begin to understand what makes a great headline so you can incorporate it into your own marketing and advertising campaigns.

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