Things We Are Thankful for As An Advertising Agency

Things We Are Thankful for As An Advertising Agency

The marketing world is an interesting place, running the gamut of the sophisticated and avant garde to the down right disturbing. So for this Thanksgiving Holiday the team put together a list of the things that make us humble and thankful we still have jobs in this industry:


Marketing WizardsSuperfluous buzzwords

Thanks to multisyllabic jargon like omnichannel and segmentation we get to keep our status as marketing wizards.


Bad SantaAmateur stock photos

God love the amateur and their off-the-mark view of what is needed in marketing stock photos.


crying artistsArtistic meltdowns

No week is complete without at least one diva exit and a designer crying in the corner mumbling, “this is not why I went to art school!”


Give me cookies!Break Room Food Free For All

“Who brought the cookies in the break room? Can we have some? I’m gonna take some.”



Gifs for all occasions

Long live the gif and its ability to distract us from our real work!

Thanksgiving pie















And most of all thank you to our amazing clients! Without whom we most certainly would be on a street corner putting on our interpretation of the end of times for pocket change and lint.

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