Why Your Sales Materials Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

Why Your Sales Materials Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

Sales based organizations rely on the relationship building skills of their people to find and close deals. But there is one other key element to the sales process that is often overlooked and that can seriously damage the perceived value of your company’s products and services. That is the quality of your sales materials.

Why Your Sales Materials Aren’t Getting the Results You Want

First impressions matter, but so does every touch point with your prospective customer. When your goal is to secure a lucrative relationship, its critical to always put your best foot forward. Too many companies lead with cheap, poorly done materials and expect the customer to feel valued and see them as a value resource and partner. It simply doesn’t work. Here’s why.

Muddled Value Proposition

Too often sales materials focus on features or company details that are irrelevant to the customer instead of focusing on the customer’s pain points and the benefits they receive from your solution. Your materials should demonstrate a clear and concise value proposition right at the start. They should speak to a very specific target customer group and easily draw the connection between their needs and your offer. Simply sharing your company history and a list of offerings is not enough.

Too Generic

Often companies serve multiple customer segments, each with their own pain points, solutions, lingo, and needs. Digital printing and customizable presentation templates make it easy to develop industry or segment specific materials that speak to that unique target. Branded pocket folders are an excellent solution for leave behinds and customer meetings, as you can develop a variety of inserts that address key client needs and highlight the most relevant product and services. Each insert can be pre-printed in small batches or formatted to be printed as needed at your office. Brochures designed for each client segment make it easy to highlight all solutions and needs for a single sector in one piece of collateral and can be combined with pocket folders to further customize the messaging brought to a target client.



Inconsistent Branding

Often sales organizations piecemeal their collateral. Generally, those disconnected assets are not developed using a cohesive set of brand standards that establish a consistent brand identity and make it easy to identify every piece of content as coming from your company. Well defined brand standards as well as a process for ensuring compliance to those standards is necessary to ensure that all sales and marketing materials create a unified brand experience.



Poor Quality Production

Quality matters, especially for luxury goods and professional services. Cheap online design and print resources not only produce poor quality materials, they also produce generic design and imagery. The look and feel of your sales materials conveys a sense of quality and value. If your materials feel cheap, the perception is that your products and services are cheap too. Investing in higher quality materials and working with an experienced design firm that understands how to develop and produce materials for digital and print distribution is key to achieving a superior result.

Not Memorable

Cheap design and generic messaging results in a sales presentation that is dull and forgettable. In a crowded marketplace its critical to stand out, be recognized, and remain top of mind with the customer. Unique leave behinds, specialty items, powerful imagery, and compelling copy come together to create a potent and lasting impression.

If you are struggling to build and close leads, take stock of your current sales materials. Are they sending the right message to the client? If not, it may be time for an overhaul.

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